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C! Tech Solutions says Conficker is Nothing to Lose Sleep Over

More Important Worries Than Vague Overhyped Threats

FERNDALE, Mar. 31 2009 -- With major media outlets whipping up irrational fear over the Conficker/Downadup virus, Ferndale computer support company C! Tech Solutions is preparing for the worst, and anticipating absolutely nothing.

"The average user or small business has little to worry about," says Ryan Meray, C! Tech Solutions President. "Most home users have automatic updates enabled and the security hole was patched without their knowledge months ago. They couldn't get the virus if they tried. Those who haven't been updated are still fairly unlikely to have been exposed. The vast majority of infections so far have been concentrated in corporate environments."

Representatives from companies like Symantec and McAfee have featured prominently in stories about the imminent danger. "It's really shocked me the coverage this 'threat' has received in major media outlets," he continues. "As we're well-aware, 78% of statistics are made up on the spot, and these estimates of the number of infected machines have about that much veracity. It's been a while since we had a good virus scare headline, and Conficker had just the right amount of mysteriousness to get things going."

The Conficker, or Downadup, virus began gaining widespread attention in January, when it was reported the number of infected machines jumped from 2.4 million to almost 9 million less than 5 days. Current estimates put the number of infected machines at approximately 12 million.

Meray is nonetheless skeptical about that number. "They talk about 12 million machines infected, but they don't talk about how they're coming up with that estimate. Is that the number of detections actually reported to these companies? Does that include the number of systems who have since been cleaned or had the vulnerability patched? Does that included systems with the A and B variants that don't have the April 1st trigger?"

"There are legitimate security threats people are doing with every day that receive little to no press," says Meray. "A large portion of our business in the past year has been fighting a single threat, Vundo/Virtumonde infections. C! Tech Solutions has removed dozens and dozens of these infections, and we've yet to see a single system that actually had a Conficker infection. But you go to Google News and Conficker has 50 times the number of mentions that Vundo does."

Users can make sure their computer is secure by checking to see if they can reach the Windows Update site. "If you can't access the Windows update site, then there is a chance you've got the infection. At this point, your best bet is simply to turn your computer off and call a professional."

Asked if he's worried about bring proven wrong, he brushes the concern aside. "If that's the case, we're going to have bigger things to worry about than if I'm right or wrong. I look forward to everything blowing over tomorrow and the talking heads and so-called security experts looking like the yellow journalism-peddlers they've been with this story."


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Founded in 2005, C! Tech Solutions offers computer repair, service, support, and consulting to small businesses and home users in the northern Metro Detroit area. With a clientele ranging from basic home users to retail shops, hardcore gamers to professional business organizations, C! Tech Solutions has a wide range of expertise and is committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction. C! Tech Solutions is a Microsoft Partner, a Dell Registered Partner and a member of the Ferndale Chamber of Commerce. More information on C! Tech Solutions is available online at or by phone at (586) 995-0509.

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