The goal of any business is to make it easy for your customers to find you. Traditionally, you'd spend thousands of dollars on advertisements in various forms of media. Much like a shotgun blast, it may have a wide swath, but ultimately, it's not going to hit your ideal demographic very effectively. Pinpoint accuracy trumps brute force, at least when getting the most for your marketing dollar is concerned.

The best way to do just that is to maximize the number of free venues on which to reach clients, and to use those to bolster your search presence. It's not enough to have 50 places where people search and find you. You want the search engines to find those 50 sites, and then find that those 50 sites all trace back to your home page. Now, people searching for the services and products you provide have a greater chance of not just finding one of those 50 business listings, but ending up on your webpage on the first shot.

By creating business profiles on as many sites as possible, and linking those sites to your website, search engine traffic will find a greater number of routes to get to your website, which increases its search ranking.

Below, you'll find the myriad places where C! Tech Solutions has set up profiles. Some look better than others, some are incredibly easy to set up, while some are frustratingly hard. Some go so far as to provide the ability for users to provide feedback and reviews on companies, which give them not just prominance, but a level of trust that you'd normally only get from person-to-person word of mouth referrals. The most important part is that all of them have hotlinks to this website, thereby making it easier for our future clients to stumble right to our doorstep.

At C! Tech Solutions, we think there's no higher compliment than a customer who's eager to tell the world about their positive experience with our company.

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